The Man from Nowhere

J.A. Johnstone, William W. Johnstone

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Nobody knows who he is or where he came from. Until the day this stranger, who calls himself John Doe, stands up for a town besieged by crime and corruption—and forges a  legend.
Johnstone Territory. Where Some Men Just Need Killing.
An army of federal lawmen are converging on the small California mountain town of Ullet to catch a train. The cargo: a collection of ruthless thieves and killers bound for hard labor and the hangman.
The folks of Ullet have all been evacuated to a nearby farm for their own safety until the train departs. But this band of deputies and their charges aren’t going to jail. They’re all in cahoots, planning the heist of a lifetime. And any honest lawman who tries to stop them will get a bullet in the brain or a knife in the back.
Only they didn’t reckon on facing a hardcase who calls himself John Doe. He doesn’t know where he was born or who his parents are. What John does know is the difference between right and wrong—and how to enforce the law with guts and guns . . .



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