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Misrule • A Bad Town for Spacemen

Robert Scott

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Belletristik / Science Fiction, Fantasy


“Misrule” and “A Bad Town for Spacemen” were both first published in Worlds of If Science Fiction magazine in 1962. In this reformatted edition you can read both science fiction short stories.

Science fiction often answers the question, “What if?” In “Misrule”, author Robert Scott explores what could happen if the government made all decisions and provided every need for all the people–even the need to vent their anger and frustrations.  

On People’s Day the people are allowed and expected to riot and vandalize the Government Houses everywhere. Glenn and his colleagues thought they were prepared for what would happen.

It was a bad day.

“A Bad Town for Spacemen” is a story written in the far future to explore the social issues of race and equality that were important at the time Robert Scott first penned it. 

It all starts when a spaceman walks into a bar. The dialog that takes place tells the whole story.

Decades later we must ask ourselves if anything has changed.

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