My Heart Will Love Again

Mary B. Morrison

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


With her unforgettable blend of page-turning drama, hot passion, and heartfelt insight, New York Times bestselling author Mary B. Morrison brings it all home in an explosive novel about a woman trying too hard for love—and a man escaping from too many secrets. Will appeal to fans of domestic drama, romantic suspense, and romantic fiction.

Thirtysomething Sequoia Moore is sure that this time, things will be different. Finally, she will fulfill her deepest dream—to have a husband and children. A nurse who pursues romance as hard as she’s worked to build a successful, stable life, Sequoia just knows that charming Zen Hurston will make the perfect partner and devoted father if she cares and supports him enough . . .
A man scarred by abandonment, Zen never lets anyone get too close. Not his many bedmates, his several baby-mothers, or his numerous children. To him, love is a game that enables him to live well off the hard work of women—and keep on moving beyond his hurt and loneliness. He’s drawn to Sequoia's warmhearted affection, and the nights between them are only getting hotter and more irresistible. Still, he’ll be there for her only on his terms . . .
But a devastating medical diagnosis will force Sequoia to rely on unsuspected strength within her she never felt confident enough to trust. And Zen will have only one chance to confront his past when the bitter consequences of his choices finally start coming home. And somehow, they must find the self-knowledge and independence to at last discover what they really want—and really need—before it’s too late . . .



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