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A Rabbit Noir

Lou Cook

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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


Enter the quirky world of ex-cop Bunz the rabbit and his intellectual spider pal, Webbs, in this light-hearted San Francisco waterfront mystery. Who are the two moose, seen moosing around the waterfront, asking too many questions about Murkey's, Bunz and Webbs' favorite old-school hangout?

Ex-con Moose M'Boy (caught smuggling sugar during the Sugar Ban) is out of the moosegow and back in town with his prison sidekick Smilin' Moose. Why are they sniffing around Murkey’s? There's no doubt: the best place in town for pie and coffee is in their sights.

Rumors are circulating. Are they smarmy real estate developers? Or is something even more nefarious going on? In a town being sold out to the highest bidder, it looks like Murkey’s is next on the auction block.

All is not as it appears and Bunz and Webbs split up to follow the clues. Who are these strange moose? Where is the moose hideout? And if Murkey’s isn’t for sale, what could have them so interested in the old diner?

When Webbs and his friend Marilyn the Librarian are trapped in the maze of tunnels beneath the city, Marilyn escapes and leads Bunz and the Guys to the rescue as the moose are closing in.

Recommended for kids of all ages who will love the story of a tough rabbit and his steadfast pal as they protect their turf.

A fun real-aloud book for the whole family! With 12 original illustrations.

Mild PG rating: because, yes, there is a dead body in it, and the recipe for the rabbit’s favorite cocktail, the Rabbit Hole, is included.

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