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The Underworld

Anthony A. Newman

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Detective Alec Clacy is a young and popular officer within a small island's police force.  With his entire life looking to be going full steam on-track, tragedy suddenly derails him, and his present, as well as his uncertain future, swiftly becomes a struggle he finds difficult in coping with.  To compound matters further, an unprecedented and grisly series of well organised murders on the island, gradually chip away at his fragile and complex existence, as he finds himself balanced between personal demons, which have great potential in dragging him down further, and the on-going murder investigations, which are becoming increasingly violent, brutal and personal in nature. Time appears to be running out for Clacy before he could become the next casualty in this dark, sinister and gripping debut novel.  

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Investigation, Jersey, Police, Crime, Tragedy, Underworld, Murder, Abduction, Sex, Prostitution, Vice, Mafia, Syndicate, Anguish, Mystery, Lust, Thriller