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The Dark Horse

Anthony A. Newman

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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


Vincenzo Mazzanti had seized an opportunity early in his life; which in time had taken him and his family out of the doldrums of post-war Italy by spearheading a highly successful, but illicit Mafia business.  Now advancing years and with thought of retirement, his decided chosen successor was to be an underdog; his eagerness to please and desperate to prove of grand-daughter, Noemi.  With Mazzanti's request, this unwittingly heralded the start of fierce rivalry and a growing and resentful division within the family, but also an increasingly bloody internecine with another powerful entity, and with it an unpredictable rogue and psychotic element, desperate to take over their territory and avenge past wrongs.  Does this inexperienced dark horse have what it takes to confront their newly founded destiny, or will this passed-on legacy be a dangerous, forlorn, and destructive experience for all?   Author of 'The Underworld', Anthony A Newman is back with a new gripping complex novel focusing on two warring Mafia entities with their increasing struggle for power and territory, as well as the corruption and trust that leads from it, but also, the loyalty and families from within them.

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Syndicate, Honour, Family, Distrust, Tragedy, Power, Trust, Murder, Loyalty, Thriller, Mafia, Devotion, Abduction, Familiies, Allegiance, Mystery, Honor, Crime, Underworld, Milan