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The Bone Records

Rich Zahradnik

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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


NY Police Academy washout Grigg Orlov discovers an eerie piece of evidence at the scene of his father's brutal murder: a disc-shaped X-ray of a skull. It's a bone record-what Soviet citizens called banned American songs recorded on used X-rays. But the black-market singles haven't been produced since the sixties. What's one doing in Coney Island in 2016? Grigg uncovers a connection between his father and three others who collected bone records when they were teenage friends growing up in Leningrad. Are past and present linked? Or is the murder tied to the local mob? Grigg's got too many suspects and too little time. He must get to the truth before a remorseless killer takes everything he has.



Police Academy, thrilling, criminal enterprise, hard boiled, revenge, corruption, 2016 election, thriller, greed, murder, Russian immigrants, Russian threat, hit list, oligarchy, rapid fire, gangsters, kingpin, high stakes, Bone Records, brutality, NYPD, betrayal, White Supremacists, hard-boiled, pawn, troll farm, noir, mob, Coney Island