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Florida Man

A Story From the Files of Alexander Strange

J.C. Bruce

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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


Alexander Strange wants to get to Florida in the worst way. So he arrives in a coffin. Chilling in its own right but made more so by the prediction of a soothsayer in New Orleans that he soon will actually face death.

Why Florida? He's a columnist for an online news service that publishes The Strange Files, his weird news report. Where better to commit journalism than Florida when weirdness is your beat?

But before he can begin writing, he must confront the challenge of helping an old college friend who is being blackmailed. Which leads him on a bizarre journey through the Gunshine State to a series of bizarre and haunted locales while trying to unravel the mystery of not only who is threatening his friend--and why--but also testing the boundaries of friendship and trust.

Can you be too cynical? He has to find out.

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The Strange Files, Haunted, Weird News, Florida Man, Paranormal, Mystery