An Improbable Life

My Father's Escape from Soviet Russia

Karine Rashkovsky

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Geschichte


Just how improbable can one man's survival story be? 

From evading the KGB and disassembling a downed American plane to narrowly escaping a life sentence in Siberia, Reuven Rashkovsky’s story is a gripping tale of coming of age, searching for belonging, and daring to escape the tightly controlled Soviet regime. Relayed in his point of view by his daughter, Dr. Karine Rashkovsky, An Improbable Life tells the story of a man who has been at the center of some of the most dramatic and tumultuous events in modern history, from World War II to the Six-Day War to the collapse of the USSR, providing insight into the world of Soviet Jewry and the almost insurmountable obstacles to getting out. Filled with quirky, revealing anecdotes, An Improbable Life is a valuable historical resource for anyone intrigued by culture and identity in the Soviet Union from the last days of Stalin to the Brezhnev era and the paradox and perils of being outcast—and possibly heroic—in that time and place. With the return of a totalitarian, imperialist Russia, Rashkovsky’s story is all too relevant to today’s struggles. Here is an improbable true story of what can indeed, be possible.



Human Rights, KGB, Yom Kippur War, Political liberation, Soviet Jewry Movement, Six Day War, Collapse of the USSR, Soviet Jewry, Cold War, the Iron Curtain, Dissident Movement, Political Oppression/Freedom