A Novel Inspired by the Life of Martha Washington, America's First Lady

Susan Holloway Scott

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Just as “Hamilton,” the musical, redefined its namesake, this riveting story by the author of I, Eliza Hamilton, upends the conventional image of Martha Washington to show us the real woman as she truly was. Vibrant, fiercely intelligent, and a pivotal historical figure in her own right—she is finally revealed in this groundbreaking historical novel about America’s first-ever First Lady.
No one could have guessed what I would become.”
When eighteen-year-old Martha Dandridge marries Daniel Parke Custis, all agree she has done remarkably well to fall in love with and land one of the wealthiest men in the Virginia colony. Their union is a happy one until, after seven years and four children, Daniel dies suddenly. Resilient and beautiful, Martha is soon courted by other men, and becomes engaged to a military hero: Colonel George Washington.
The newlyweds’ mutual affection—and attraction—is obvious to all. At twenty-six, George is handsome, athletic, and over a foot taller than petite Martha. She and her two surviving children move to Mount Vernon, where Martha’s fortune enables George to improve his estate and establish himself as a political power. Where once Martha envisioned a sedate life as a planter’s wife, now a very different future beckons.
During the unsettled years that foreshadow revolution, Martha proves herself George’s anchor, advisor, and most trusted confidante. As war ravages the country, she risks her safety to winter with the army, staying by his side during harrowing betrayals and personal tragedies. And when at last the war is done, it will take all of Martha’s courage and devotion to take her place in history as the first lady of the land . . .
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Publishers Weekly on The Secret Wife of Aaron Burr

“Readers will be captivated.”
Publishers Weekly (starred review) on I, Eliza Hamilton

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