Killer Cube

CJ Connor

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


It’s a puzzling mystery for Ben Rosencrantz when Rubik’s Cube champions become killer competitors with every twist and turn . . .

Celebrating the annual Utah Pride Festival from a vendor booth, Ben and his boyfriend Ezra McCaslin give away rainbow D20 dice to promote his family board game shop, Of Dice and Decks. Too bad Ben can’t roll for success when talking to Ezra about moving in together. As his father’s caretaker, Ben has a lot of responsibilities that demand his attention, leaving him unable to take his relationship with Ezra to the next level.

Coinciding with the Pride festival is a game convention in nearby Park City—and a regional speedsolving contest between Rubik’s Cube enthusiasts. Ben and Ezra’s friend, non-binary brewery owner Kit, is one of Utah’s top five speedcubers. To qualify for the national competition, they’ll have to be one of the top three. Kit’s opponents are all legends: the retiree who became an overnight speedcube success on TikTok; a college student who inherited his father’s quick puzzle solving reflexes; and the twenty-year veteran champion Theodore Behunin—a known recluse who is Kit’s hotel roommate.

But the speedsolving tournament is canceled when Theodore’s body is found, burned to death, in his otherwise untouched hotel room. As the last person to have seen him alive, Kit is the police’s number one suspect. To prove their friend’s innocence, Ben and Ezra start an investigation, finding it easier to solve a Rubik’s Cube than to identify a killer among so many people with so many motives . . .

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